Yay Stellaris
buddy PNG
Bright yellow, red and green ross-section of veggie quiche with as a backdrop a black and white photo of Jacques Anquetil smiling wearing sunglasses beside cans of Italian tomatoes.
henri JPG iPhone 12 mini
A case snail on a forest path.
esamecar JPG
Grandma pizza; half pepperoni and jalapeño, half broccoli and yellow bell pepper
henri JPG
230325 Delta
benjamim JPG
Adolescent black cat feet from the top of the legs down, standing on a scratched up wood surface.
mustard JPG
benjamim JPG
230324 Christmas in the night
benjamim JPG
230324 CCChopping
benjamim JPG
Network sniffing by Security expert Minneke
vincent JPG
선반 위에 올려져 있는 빵
revi JPG iPhone 11 Pro
sri JPG
Venetian Gondoliers
travel JPG
Avatar of Jeff Perry
jeffperry PNG
Tactical Gameboy by Artem Ostapchuk
benjamim PNG
Tactical Gameboy by Artem Ostapchuk
benjamim JPG
benjamim JPG
AI-generated image from Midjourney using the prompt: dramatic portrait of an AI robot, helping a graphic designer create artwork in Photoshop, 35mm lens, realistic, dynamic background, hyper realistic, 8K, narrow depth of field --ar 3:2 --c 50 --v 4
mustard PNG
230323 StarTrek avatar
benjamim PNG
raytracing on
andie JPG
elden ring ray tracing off
andie JPG
230210 Trilho das Vinhas - Cascais
benjamim JPG
a picture of my pet cat mini, so cute!
sanel JPG iPhone 14
Afternoon siesta
fatgeisha JPG
Narrow Streets of Naples in Italy
travel JPG
Hase station on the Enoden line that stretches from Kamakura to Enoshima.
rick JPG NIKON D90
230322 uma das fachadas é de brincar
benjamim JPG
Butterflies & Flowers
maique JPG iPhone X
230322 HotWheels Toyota Land Cruiser 80
benjamim JPG
230224 Santuário de Fátima
benjamim JPG
Lincoln Cathedral
rameez JPG iPhone 13 Pro
benjamim JPG
The Oatmeal twitter Fail
benjamim JPG
heck GIF
Joel-Peter Witkin, La Basier (The Kiss)
heck PNG
The Centre Pompidou, Paris
travel JPG
yolo PNG
benjamim JPG
230224 Igreja em Santarém
benjamim JPG
Screenshot of the MacOS Emoji Picker! Ctrl - Command - Space
box464 PNG
Funko Pop #125
mdalves JPG
230224 Santuário de Fátima
benjamim JPG
benjamim JPG
Streets of San Francisco, USA
travel JPG
Tokyo tower at night
particles JPG
Talasnal Village, Lousã. Portugal.
marco JPG
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
A picture of a VALORANT matchmaking screen.
avy JPG
Clover, a black-and-white Pygmy goat, stands atop one side of a small, wooden bench between two small redwoods at The Belmont Goats in Portland, Oregon.
bix JPG iPhone 12 mini
Small stitched alpaca doll looking through a shelf ornament shaped like a ring.
ap JPG
El Caminito in Buenos Aires, Argentina
travel JPG
230319 alimentos em plástico
benjamim JPG
benjamim JPG
benjamim JPG
211227 Nokia XR20
benjamim JPG
Gravel bike  in front of a former gas station.
esamecar JPG
Drawn elephant called Timo.
samu PNG
Shimo-Kitazawa Station's shopping area
particles JPG
My eMTB at the top of a hill (old landfill). In the background you can see Wrocław city.
sobol JPG
230319 Dia do Pai
benjamim JPG
'Are They Cheese 🧀 ?' 

Destiny 2 rat looks at the pyramid ships. 
babyfangs PNG
adamz GIF
adamz JPG Version 2023.0.2 screenshots on iPhone 14 Pro, highlighting new Tab Navigation, the Following view, and the Landing page.
app PNG Version 2023.0.2 screenshots on iPad mini, highlighting new Account Management functionality, the Community view, and the multi-pane design is showing off the app's release notes in the background.
app PNG
We don't get pretty sunsets in the Bay Area very often but when we do I will risk my life by taking photos of them while driving on the highway.

Alt text: Sunset behind the Santa Cruz Mountains.
jmj JPG iPhone 14 Pro
Some graffiti left on a bridge on the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail, presumably written by two stray cats, Roxie and Alicat.
mustard JPG
Food market in Sapporo, Japan
travel JPG
Reading Tokyo Aliens - Volume 2 manga
fatgeisha JPG
Landscape of mountains at the Peneda-Gerês National Park at sunset, near Cabeçeiras de Basto, Portugal.
gil JPG iPhone 13 Pro
Thorgi enjoying a sunny day
heyjay JPG ILCE-7M4
Stuff like stablediffusion.
owo JPG
230317 Viagem no tempo com Marcel Marlier
benjamim JPG
230317 O renovado Edifício Cruzeiro.
benjamim JPG
230317 Já nem me lembro do nome. Mas durante uns anos foi uma ferramenta útil no meu trabalho.
benjamim JPG

Eroding buildings at the abandoned Antiguo Leprosario Abades, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
ben JPG
I love plush toys, even more so when it’s an ice-cream cone!
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
Jamming by Kirokaze. An animated GIF in pixel art style. A block-headed robot sits on the counter inside the 'JAM Store', listening to music from a pulsating boombox on the counter. The robot is wearing sunglasses and holding a baseball bat.
kk GIF
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
travel JPG
AI Space Art. Planetary Surface, with nebulas, stars and a big planet.
mbjones JPG
Talasnal, Lousã
marco JPG
Penny Penny Penny!
andreab JPG
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
Photo of Caribbean Sea against the horizon line of the sky. The colors are all shades of sky and aqua blue.
michele JPG
movieStars in the morning
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
230316 Praia da parede num dia de verão cheio de alegrias.
benjamim JPG
221112  Um carro embrulhado em plástico
benjamim JPG
Pink palm tree.
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
230207 Praia da Azarujinha
benjamim JPG
230315 praia da Bafureira num dia de surf.
benjamim JPG
Part of a mural, a sun with a face crossed by sunlight and shadow.
acfusco JPG
Sunrise over the ocean in Portland, ME.
ericmwalk JPG
BurgerTime video game from the 1980's in an arcade in Arlington, Texas.
kris JPG iPhone 14 Pro
Palm Springs, California, USA
travel JPG
benjamim JPG
Monica, made from thousands of tiny pieces of other cartoons.
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
Maru the Shiba asleep in my arms after a long day of play.
rick JPG iPhone 12 Pro
Humidity rainbow?
tristy JPG iPhone 13 mini
This dog. ❤️❤️❤️
box464 JPG
I like the colours
tristy JPG iPhone 13 mini
This my long boy, Neptune.

A black cat is lying on a bed stretched out straight with his front legs looking exaggeratingly long.
benjamim JPG
Kindle Scribe 🖋️
fatgeisha JPG
Ceiling window at Penn Station, Baltimore. Taken around 2011. Used to use this as a profile pic.
mcornick JPG
Ominous vents
cws JPG
Parsnip, disabled.
cws JPG
I made flatbread from just greek yoghurt and flour - shown here being fried in a pan
sara JPG Pixel 4a
The skeleton of a cooling tower.
ps PNG
An empty department store devoid of shelves and goods that appears to extend forever.
acfusco JPG
Margriet Eshuijs, Dutch singer (1952-2022).
sybrand JPG
Vanderhall Venice
sybrand JPG
Puerto Banus, Marbella.
sybrand JPG
A photo of the Chicago skyline taken from the sky in black & white
taurean JPG
A poorly drawn cartoon bunny against a yellow background.
The bunny is light blue, with dark blue features. Its ears are flopped out partially over it's face, and it's tongue hangs out.
dpm PNG
A black t-shirt with an inscription saying “It’s weird being the same age as old people”.
daniel JPG iPhone XS Max
Minneapolis in March.  The snow is slowly melting.  This video shows the replacement bridge over 35W which collapsed a number of years back.
kris JPG
Vikafjellet, Norway by night
goransle JPG
Sea otter smoking a cigar.
skoobz JPG
Austin Seven 850 (later called Mini).
sybrand JPG
1800’s era ship painting in an old farmhouse
alpine JPG iPhone 13 Pro
If you think about it, it's pretty amazing that we get to live in a time when it's easy and relatively cheap to eat fresh cooked meat. Perspective, man.
mustard JPG
otaviocc JPG
Solitude. JPEG, SOOC. Photo taken at the Place des Vosges, in Paris.
otaviocc JPG
humdrum JPG
A self built drone
ben JPG
My github readme profile header
croc SVG+XML
Insel-Brauerei auf Rügen, Deutschland
esamecar JPG
Wooden poles support tree branches, in front of a pond in a park.
A good friend I met on a walk.
grim JPG X-T3
blue point siamese
josef JPG PENTAX K-70
Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds
rameez JPG iPhone 13 Pro
A poorly drawn picture of a bunny sitting.
The bunny is light blue, with dark blue features, on a yellow background.
dpm PNG
The beautiful Ludington Lighthouse
dennis JPG iPhone 13 Pro
1930's era 'blade' style neon sign on the Hotel Clark in downtown Los Angeles.
mitten JPG iPhone 13 Pro
A black shorthair cat scowling at the camera.
skipcap JPG
Eurasian Jay on our #BirdBuddy
andypiper JPG
Sepia tone. The front of a locomotive marked with the number 592.
acfusco JPG
The Pride of Baltimore II, a square-rigged topsail schooner, sails past a factory in Baltimore.
acfusco JPG
Looking straight up a square winding staircase with metal railings going round.
There is a truss attached to the railings all the way up to the 5th floor. It's used as a mounting point for several pink and orange lights colouring the ceiling of the floors
moira PNG iPhone 14 Pro
a picture of me (Moira) with Emma (a grey plushie unicorn with light blue and pink crest) leaning over my head
moira JPG iPhone 14 Pro
Luna napping
brianly JPG
Man in grey baseball hat and black wayfarer sunglasses with a cream colored stucco background
erikweese JPG
Dapper Animal Salad Plate
sri JPG
A stack of three Stem Devices. The topmost item is the Stem Player, followed by the Stem Projector in the middle, and lastly, the Stem Player placed at the bottom.
vzq JPG
Nighttime map of Pineage Upon Acres village for an rpg campaign.

Generated Watabou's Procgen Arcana
Feeling a bit run down so Saturday morning iced bun it is.
tristy JPG iPhone 13 mini
My little black cat, Pumpkin, and her post-op, shaved belly, blurred for both her protection and yours.
mustard JPG
Roasted whole coffee beans
rom JPG
Trees and bushes.
'Blue-tailed Skink', by [Matthew Baldwin](, originally posted to Flickr.
daniel JPG
Warsaw, Poland
travel JPG
Winter is back!
fatgeisha JPG
A snowy park in the twilight with a shining street lantern.

In the front there a footsteps in the snow.
donswelt JPG
A poorly drawn comic bunny. The bunny is light blue, with dark blue features, on a yellow background.
dpm PNG
Spring missed the memo.
rameez JPG iPhone 13 Pro
A jeep in an alleyway
bentsai JPG
A black and white dog with a large yellow plastic egg in her mouth. Garden background.
ckr JPG
A small picture frame with ornate gold leafing around the frame itself sits atop a table.  It’s about 3” x 3”, and it has a small cross stitch waffle along with the words “Don’t be a twatwaffle” stitched into it.
cassem JPG iPhone 14 Pro
Spinach on a cutting board
gabz JPG E-M10 Mark III
alpine JPG
A cosy wallpaper with Calvin & Hobbes in front of MKBHD x dbrand Triple Black Icons
8bit JPG
mdalves JPG
View of the Singapore city skyline from the balcony of the 25th floor of the Fairmont hotel.
tau JPG
my pet cat mini lol
sanel JPG iPhone 14
Sea Kayaking fun
rick JPG
Disassembling, cleaning, and maintaining my Spyderco Spydiechef pocket knife. 🔪❤️
joern JPG
Fog below
matty JPG
Zima Blue
valeness JPG
Temple in Tamilnadu
sri WEBP
Lots of fish in an aquarium.
esamecar JPG
Samantha at the funfair, with a painting of Taz behind her. She's seated, holding her right knee, and wearing a shoulderless top and spiked collar.
pigpog JPG ILCE-7
San Francisco Street Art, SF, USA
travel JPG
crocuses in spring
andie JPG SM-F711U
Part of a mural, a giant hand appears to reach out of a sidewalk.
acfusco JPG
IBM PS/2 L40 SX laptop from 1992.
kris JPG
Monochrome street photography. A young woman with long skirt walks along the path in front of Exeter Cathedral, looking at her phone. In the background, people are laying flowers, out of focus - taken shortly after the Queen's death.
pigpog JPG ILCE-7M3
Side A of the special blue vinyl record of Ants From Up There by Black Country, New Road
laker JPG iPhone 11
Lauren again, in monochrome, leaning against a railing. We're looking along the railing towards her, and she's turned towards us giving us a *look*.
pigpog JPG ILCE-7
It is a cup of coffee that I made recently.
garo JPG
Current Mood
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
Me, smiling, against a brick wall background
lewis JPG
Somewhere in Al Maryah Island.
nath JPG iPhone 14 Plus
A phone box window with graffiti in pink that says Criminal Damage! and a little heart next to it.
robb JPG iPhone 14 Pro
A very large bao.
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
New bike tire
mihobu JPG iPhone 13 Pro
Charlie, a young blonde woman, looking back over her shoulder at us.
pigpog JPG ILCE-7
Exploring old Nice during my last Euro-Trip
calvin JPG iPhone 14 Pro
Limited edition rb. desktop wallpaper
rb PNG
Black & White New York City, USA
travel JPG
My thicc succulents: Some spiky, some curvy, set into 2 bowls with white gravel on top of the soil.
sara JPG Pixel 4a
The Apple Pan restaurant sign.
jack JPG
Cancun, Mexico.
mdalves JPG
Pinnacle Mountain on the horizon at the head of a river
jeremy JPG iPhone 12 mini
an abstract painting of a black and white scene with a trip of pink intersecting it
laker JPG
Album art I made for an album I'm thinking of making.
bye PNG Aseprite
Lauren, with a daisy in her hair.
pigpog JPG ILCE-7
Sammy, standing on the groynes on Dawlish Warren beach.
pigpog JPG ILCE-7
There is a point where we needed to stop and we have clearly passed it. But let's keep going and see what happens.
pigpog JPG
ediz JPG iPhone 11
Skiing on Flagstaff Lake
snc JPG iPhone 13 Pro
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South Africa
travel JPG
I got this sweet tee with a tardigrade from Journey to the Microcosmos.
bw JPG
Paris. JPEG, SOOC.
otaviocc JPG
Super Snooze Bros.
mcornick JPG
Hey, it's me. A cartoony representation of Matt Langford.
matthew PNG
Skylights and girders with neon create lattices at a building's ceiling.
acfusco JPG
shot of my actual desktop, taken with 'Stops' on iPhone
macsnider JPG
Honey Jars from The Garden Beehive
fatgeisha JPG
A GNU/Sticker next to Ida (black unicorn with yellow accents) on a smolhaj. There is a bottle of mate and some sticker around, another Unicorn and a transflag in the background of the pile
moira JPG iPhone 14 Pro
the outlast trials artwork
meya JPG Iphone 15 Ultra
A steam engine refilling water at a stop on the Lenakatten  heritage railway line in Uppland, Sweden
sara JPG
Road block with googly eyes, smile, and teeth.
chad JPG
Black and white photo of my cat Kitty Pryde looking out the window longingly from her cat chair.
melanie JPG
A picture of Big Sur, California, with the ocean, as well as one of the original bridges in view.
suhas JPG iPhone 8
Abandoned telescope at the Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton, CA.
jmj JPG X-T3
Cylindrical glass vase with red and orange tulips. Beside them, the fretboard of a Martin guitar on a stand. Behind them, a blue paint swatch on the wall. A brown and tan lamp stands nearby.
rnv JPG
Spotted this heron chilling nearby 😊
Picture of a pink zinnia flower, growing in front of a corn stalk in my garden last summer
bshow JPG
The sun is already set, but is still illuminating the purple cloud with rose streaks. The sky above the horizon is turquoise.
The view is out the first story of a building looking on to street, some buildings and trees are around
moira JPG iPhone 14 Pro
moistcritikal wearing a t-shirt that has been photoshopped to say 'I Love Bladee'
mm JPG
there is a cutie inside of my heart.
ev PNG
Vice Admiral Finnegan Reginald Nimoy Kirkpatrick, Earl of Barkington, getting some scritches and feeling pretty satisfied with himself.
hollie JPG
bye PNG
Made this (#aiart) in honor of my wedding anniversary this past month. Rhinos are meaningful animals to us.
mbjones PNG
💡 Let there be light!
maique JPG iPhone 13 Pro
Newag and Pesa trains at Legnica station.
sobol JPG
A comic panel comparing what reading looks like (just sitting around) versus what it feels like (embarking on countless, endless adventures).
daniel JPG
Beer 🍻 lots of
esamecar JPG
close up of very green moss with blurry background and front.
muhh JPG X-T100
A close up shot of a red wirey red lighthouse shot on a wide angle lens to make it look a bit alien
r0b JPG iPhone 13
Mt. Ngauruhoe in Tongariro national park, New Zealand, with no clouds hiding the peak. Stratovolcano. Clear blue sky behind it, with just a wisp of a cloud hanging above the peak and the a bigger white cloud filling up the rest of the picture.
gunnar JPG iPhone 13 mini
Pebbles in Cyprus
andyn JPG
Dog walk
andyn JPG
opacity: 0.5;
rameez JPG iPhone 13 Pro
A hibiscus flower with pink and yellow petals.
username JPG
A screenshot of Gradius on Switch.
phils PNG
This is Carl of The Belmont Goats, who today walked under their own power from their site since November 2018 to their new one, adjacent.
bix JPG NIKON D5300
Kiwi and Basil.
jason JPG iPhone 14 Pro
Archie and his scarf collection.
mcornick JPG
😠 but with buck teeth.
bix JPG iPhone 12 mini
jason JPG
jason JPG
adam GIF
A bonsai tree that I bought recently. It’s still alive, somehow.
adam JPG iPhone 14 Pro